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Some of us need different strength lenses for distance and close up activities. One solution to this is to have a separate pair of spectacles for each e.g. one pair for reading, and one pair for watching TV or driving. With Bifocal lenses you only need one pair of glasses as they have two prescriptions within one lens, usually reading in the lower half and distance in the upper. This means that you only need one pair of glasses whether you are reading a newspaper or watching TV - or both!

Kodak Bifocal Lenses are available in a choice of materials from conventional through to 1.6 Thin & Lite plastic. These can be enhanced with many different options, from anti-reflection coatings to fast-reacting sun lenses. Whatever your lifestyle, we can make a lens for you.

Many Kodak Bifocal Lenses have the added advantage of having an aspheric design. In an aspheric design, the lenses have flatter curves. This means that they do not "bulge" out of the frame as much as regular lenses. The side profile of aspheric lenses is thinner, which greatly enhances the appearance of finished spectacles. They also give enhanced overall vision especially in higher prescriptions.

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Clear lenses

Standard (1.50 Index)
  • UVSun Polarised
  • Tints
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • CleAR anti-relfection coating
  • Clean'N'Clear anti-relfection coating

Much lighter and safer than traditional glass lenses, all Kodak Lenses are now produced from plastic materials and most come with a scratch resistant coating as standard.

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Thin & Lite Activelite (1.59 Index)
  • Scratch resistant coating
  • CleAR anti-relfection coating

Made from polycarbonate, these lenses are impact resistant and ten times stronger than standard plastic making them ideal for sports, children, safety glasses and rimless frames.

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Like all our technologically advanced lenses, Kodak Bifocal Lenses are available from approved Kodak Lens Distributor.

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