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21 March 2011

Launch of New Kodak Clean & CleAR lenses

Kodak Clean and CleAR lenses
Kodak Clean & CleAR Anti- Reflection Coating carries one of the most respected brands in the world.It was design to provide the quality and durability recommended by ISO standards and give you the results you expect from a brand like Kodak.
  • Eliminates unslightly glare on your lenses so your eyes shine through with their natural beauty
  • Allows more light to reach your eyes,so your vision is greatly improved.Less light means poorer vision.More light enables you to see objects in low light that you may otherwise miss.
  • Reduces eye strain and fatigue caused by irritating glare from harsh artificial lighting and monitors.
  • Provides more clarity and contrast for brighter ,crisper viewing.You'll find that everyday colors apprear cleare and more distinct.
  • Reduces distracting relections on your lenses caused by headlights,street lights and other sources of glare.Night driving is safer and more comfortable.

Along with all these benefits.Kodak Clean & CleAR Coating comes with built in scratch resistance to protect your lenses over life of your prescription.Fewer scratches give you better vision and better looking eyeglasses

Kodak Clean & CleAR Coating has multiple layers that work together to protect your eyewear.Its top coat resists smudges from cosmetics and fingerprints,and repel water. The anti-static properties resist dust and dirt.Grime wipes away with ease to make caring for your lenses easier than ever.

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